Why Choose Us

We adapt to the needs of our clients and become an integral partner in business by adding real value through our services. We are perfectly situated in Durban, South Africa operating from our own premises, which houses all operations in one centre.

We have solid experience in flexible plastic solutions. We provide the best solution, which raises the quality of service for our customers. We ensure complete customer satisfaction through prompt and courteous service.


Our Work Ethics

High Moral

 We employ high moral standards to foster trusting relationships with our clients, for long lasting results.           


A strong sense of responsibility affects the way we do business and has resulted in world class performance.      


We don’t stop until the job is done, and done right; and we enthusiastically embrace challenges in every aspect.


We have a consistent character that is demonstrated by an alignment of our action 

Forward Thinking

Being willing and able to adapt our strategies and approach to increase productivity


Focus on finding solutions and achieving results together on any action or decision

Customer Support

We are caring, benevolent and kind to both customers and staff, and seek to reach their goals