Who We Are 

We are one of the pioneers in packaging solutions in South Africa having our roots in the industry from the 1960’s. Flexotuff Plastics was born as a result of a family business decision to separate the manufacturing plant from the wholesale division (Hassims Packaging) in order to allow growth in keeping with its own vision. Mr Idris Hassim along with a specialized team established the brand in 2002.

We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge in flexible plastic, attention to detail and our strong network of raw material suppliers.

Today, Flexotuff Plastics boasts genuine industry credibility through deeply-rooted knowledge, experience and distinguished careers in the plastic industry. The reputation for industry excellence is reflected in the outstanding results achieved on behalf of our clients.

With a current capacity of more than 600 tons per annum, we are able to cater for any size business.  We have a wide range of distributors as well as direct client base with which we have grown our portfolio.

We believe in providing personalised service by providing a single point contact for you to work with in all phases of your order. We will work with you to streamline the processes, improve your solutions and save you time, effort and money. By having a detailed understanding of your requirements, we establish a solution that will solve your packaging needs, enabling you to focus on your business.


The proof of our uncompromising commitment to quality is best demonstrated by the results we achieve.